Our Team

New Members Elected at the 2015 Annual Meeting

Anne Cullen Puente, Noah Dorfman, Jim Hopfensberger, David Johnson, Beth Pappalardo and Gary Schwartz

Louise Wright

Vice-President /


Phone: 343-2963

Address: 308 Woodside Ave.

Email: wrilei@charter.net

Fred Schlegel


Phone: 345-2981

Address: 119 Monroe

Email: cfs119@aol.com

Bob Stauffer

Phone: 343-2215

Address: 118 S. Prairie Ave.

Email: Bob.Stauffer@kzoo.edu

Jeff Sherman

Phone: 343-6713

Address: 1706 Grove St.

Email: Brickman1356@aol.com

Steve Terranella

Phone: (269) 330-2331 (Cell)

Address: 1616 Academy St.

Email: nevetsjt@gmail.com

Darin Meyer

Phone: 388-5682

Address: 1514 W. Lovell St.

Email: dpmeyer4867@yahoo.com

Bruce Martin

Phone: 267-4140

Address: 400 Burrows Rd.

Email: officebmartin@gmail.com

Eric Staab

Phone: 342-0688

Address: 125 S. Prairie Ave.

Email: eric.staab@kzoo.edu

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