Jones Park Annual Cleanup - Photos and story below.

04/28/2013 11:54

On two chilly Saturday mornings, April 13th and 20th, over two dozen neighbors rolled up their sleeves and tackled an overgrowth of honeysuckle bushes, wild grape vines, small volunteer saplings, and downed branches and logs in Jones Park. Once the overgrowth was removed and the accumulated brush thinned out, nine forsythia bushes were transplanted to the western hill area. Thanks to Kim Cummings for organizing and tirelessly working during this annual renovation and improvement effort. Those that helped on April 13th were; Darin Meyer, Jim Hopfensperger  and Jane Maddox, Curt and Charlie Liebbrand, Doug Duncan, Harold Fischer .

Many neighbors worked again on April 20th, including; Emily Goodman and her two children Sam and Sophie, Katie and Jeff Dickens and their three sons Austin, Collin, and Ben, Frank and Julie Paragino and their son Carmine, Lisa Whittaker, Erica Loeffler, Joseph Sablan, Chris Lawson, Marvin VanDerloop, Adam Posther, Donna Eichenlaub.

During this second round of work, the Goodman and Dickens children worked like troopers to repair the giant gash left by a pick-up marooned during a December snowstorm, fetching dirt from the communal pile at the bottom of the park, seeding it, and sheltering it with Winter Carnival straw.  Others raked and carted away formidable heaps of sodden leaves left by the County leaf blowers last November.  Chris Lawson scaled a maple to cut down broken limbs, suckers were trimmed from trees, dead branches were gathered from all quarters and piled for pick-up, and signs put up to encourage dog walkers to pick up after their hounds.  Mightily impressed by all the work, Township Supervisor Ron Reed immediately sent a truck out to pick up the branches and pledged to help cope with streaming storm waters.  The park looks WONDERFUL, pleasing every one of us as we walk through it.