West Main Hill Local Historic District

(Established 2007, National Register 1996)  

The West Main Hill Local Historic District is a unique Kalamazoo neighborhood notable for its naturalistic curvilinear land planning and layout, exceptional period revival houses, and association with Kalamazoo's industrial, commercial, and society leaders. Its early twentieth century suburban landscape and architecture is anchored by earlier grid‑planned streets with late nineteenth century homes. The product of a local businessman's vision, the Henderson Park plat is the largest curvilinear plat in Kalamazoo, and represents a very progressive approach to land development for its time. The houses lining its streets were homes of professional, civic, commercial and industrial leaders, including business owners, professors, merchants, and other members of the important upper and upper‑middle class of Kalamazoo's early twentieth century society. The houses and streetscapes create a park‑like suburb, exclusive and expressive of the traditional values, romantic ideals, and concepts of status of the early twentieth century. Several buildings are architecturally notable as examples of their styles and type; the district as a whole is architecturally cohesive with a predominance of Colonial and Tudor Revival houses.

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